Yida Construction Group Holdings Limited was established in 1984. It is approved by the Ministry of Construction as a first class industrial and civil construction company, with the annual construction capacity of over 3 million square meters and the annual output value of over 1 billion RMB. Contracted projects include housing construction, steel structure engineering, lifting equipment installation works, mechanical and electrical installation works, earth and stone works, with high-level, high-rise commercial and residential and large-span industrial plant construction capability.

The Company has around 50 national registered level 1 and level 2 constructors and cost engineers; around 350 various types of engineering and technical personnel, and more than 100 of them have intermediate or senior titles; the company has more than 10 civil engineering departments, earth and stone, mechanical and electrical, decoration, municipal, waterproof and other professional project departments. The staff of each department is currently well equipped with rich experience in team management.

Yida Construction established broad cooperation with international companies. It has contracted to build series of projects of Hong Kong Shui On Group -Tiandi Software Park, Hong Kong and China Gas Company - Townga’s digital center, Sumitomo Realty& Development’s high-end residential area, Bingshan Group’s series of plants, Sino-American joint venture VITUP Healthcare and many other projects. The total amount of international contracts has exceeded 50 billion RMB. With good business performance and excellent construction management level, Yida Construction has won the "National Excellent Construction Enterprise", "Outstanding Enterprises for Construction Quality Management ", "National AAA Grade Integrity Enterprise" title, and "National AAA Grade Standardized Security Integrity Site." It has also successively obtained the "Luban Award", "Guangsha Award" and other industry authoritative awards. In 2014, Yida Construction was honored as the “China Top 100 Construction Contractor” by the ministry of Construction. In 2015, it won the "Golden Award - National Top 100 Comprehensive Engineering Construction Strength."