2013 In 2013
  • Yida donated 2 million for supporting Lu'an line, Yan'an line, Tibet line, Ganzhou line of China Guangcai Funds, respectively.
  • In the "2013 Dalian Loving Month", Yida donated 30 millon to support all kind of charity business in Dalian.
  • New Year's Concert 2014 of "Sound of Yida" successfully played in Peneng
  • Yida donated 2 million yuan aid for eye diseases treatment of Model Workers
  • Yida donated 2 million yuan for establishment of "Yida Excellence Education Fund" in Dalian Maritime University
  • Successfully held the Dalian International Summer Festival Of " Sound of Yida"
  • Yida donated 1 millin yuan for relief of flood happened in Yanan
  • Yida donated 10 million yuan for relief of earthquake happened in Yaan
2012 December
  • New Year's Concert 2013 of Sound of Yida was successfully held, in which "Yida Symphony" was firstly performed by Lahti Symphony Orchestra of Finland
  • Yida donated 30 million to the "2012 Dalian Loving Month" campaign
  • Yida auctions 1 million yuan for supporting China Red Ribbon Foundation.
  • Opening of "Yida Charity Lesson" by "Yida Property Newspaper"
  • Yida donated 5 million yean to poverty family whose has children with congenital heart disease in the northwest
  • Opening of The third Dalian International Summer Festival of "Sound of Yida"
  • Yida donated 3 million yuen to China Guangcai Funds.